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To be fair, the girl had ridiculous boobs in the manga so they're just staying true to the character's designs. I haven't looked at the manga in a while, but I think they were toned down some in the anime. (I was hoping they'd tone them down even more, but alas.)

I enjoyed the first episode. I loved the OP; the animation is no Mawaru Penguindrum, but it's not bad either, and the seiyuu are hitting the right notes. What I don't like is that they seem to be toning down some of the complexities of the characters and scenes. I hope I'm wrong and this is the director and writers reordering some of the scenes in the manga to better jive with an animated series. I'm going to be really upset if the Aki is played as a straight villain and all of the complexity in their history is toned down.
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