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Originally Posted by Kismet-chan View Post
A very "meh" second episode, but not particularly bad. I'm willing enough to give this series another couple of episodes to impress me.

I was slightly confused about the bathroom scene. What did Kyohei do wrong? Was it girls' only or something?
He was casually walking around in his boxers, and he had his hand down them...

I'm not a particular fan of the lazy artwork myself, but other than that, I like where the series is headed. I also like how grounded it is, with people from outside the village taking notice an wondering what's going on. I hope it'll stay on this path and become more of a mystery-type show, as opposed to another ordinary action series.

And Kukuri completely toppling over and smashing the PS2 seriously made me lol for some reason.

I'm surprise there are so many complaints about the show so far, with some people going as far as outright slamming the entire series from watching just the first episode. It's only been two episodes so far, and we still don't really have a clear idea of what's going on in the background yet. It might be a kinda slow series, but it seems like it's also trying to develop somewhat of a two-sided story.(one side about the village and the mystery behind its inner workings, the other about the rest of the world and people trying to figure out what's going on with all the strange activity) I think the series does have the potential to become great.
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