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Thinking it over, I find it sad, the way the curse is said to have originated. Another plays on something that is possibly unique to Japanese: their deep-seated fear of ostracism. Given a culture where one's identity and self-worth is so intricately linked with one's peer group, it must feel horrible to be deliberately ignored by supposed friends and colleagues, to experience what is, in effect, social death. Judging by the events of Ep5, it's clear that not everyone in the class is comfortable with the idea of ostracising Sakakibara. Some clearly feel that they have no choice but to do a little evil for the sake of the greater good.

It seems particularly cruel, therefore, that Class 3-3 of 1972 did something that ought to have been especially exemplary: the students endeavoured to keep alive the memory of a dear friend, believing that "to forget" Misaki would be as good as condemning that person to a second death.

For that apparent act of kindness, everyone got afflicted with a frightening curse. It just doesn't seem fair, does it? Someone mentioned in the Ep5 thread that Another may possibly fare better in the West than in Japan. On the contrary, I feel there is something very pertinently Japanese about Another that only someone familiar with their group culture would fully appreciate.
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