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If you think 2-3 weeks out of service a year is bad, then you'll be in for treat with privatized crucial infrastructure.

The politician that seals the deal gets a nice bonus and can retire in the pricate sector afterwards. The company that buys the stuff uses the tax paid infrastucture for moneyprinting until its run down, so that it does not work anymore, then gets out of that business.
After that it's just an endless chain of companies, trying to make a quick profit leeching off the tax players money. They can do this, because the infrastructure is important. They got a local monopoly as soon as they own the stuff... They can then ask for whatever they want from the city.

Privatizing infrastructure and crucial services.
Don't do this! Worst idea ever.

Originally Posted by MUAHAHAHAHAHA View Post
I will be away for 16 days starting from the 1st of September to embark on an European tour. What worries me most is my passport and my credit card. Please suggest to me the best way to keep them safe. Some of my friends suggest a pouch, but is that safe enough?
Where are you planning to visit? This sounds like you are expecting to see some real bad places.
In some countries, there might be pickpockets at famous tourist spots. In that case, just put yout values into a pouch that you can wear around the neck, or use any pockets on the inside of clothes.
There shouldn't be any need for weapons. *lol*
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