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Episode 23 :
Bad news from Kud homeland is on TV daily news.
Riki started to feel regret because he think he might have made the wrong choice for Kud.He prayed for her safety while holding on to the rocket part.

Episode 24 :
Rin used to be shy and has difficult communicated with everyone,but now has open up herself thanks to Komari.
Lenon brought another mission telling them to do a puppet show.The team cooperate to make a children show.Komari help write the story while Rin make the puppet.Riki also help them,at the time Riki noticed Komari's "The eight dwarfs" story.

Episode 25 :
The first Little Busters baseball game is coming,but the team still only have 8 members excluding the manager.They still short by 1 more member but Kyosuke seem to have some kind of plan in mind.
The Kendo toutament is almost here,something seem to happened between Kengo and someone from the archery club.
Riki saw Kengo talking in serious manner with Miyuki.

Episode 26 :
One day before their first game,Kyosuke suddenly leave the leader position to Riki.
Riki is confused and worry on how to bring the team member together.

So I guess Kurugaya fans is full of relief for now.
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