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Originally Posted by niffum
I think she'd mostly be really bored If looking for aliens, Espers, UMAs and whatevers are what make life intersting, imagine how disappointing it'd be to know that you can conjure them up at a wave of your hand. Depression inducing even.
Well, thats probably one of the reasons, the 3 groups do not want Haruhi to learn of her own powers.

Back to Ideon discussion: I've played FFinal and @3 before, so I know of Ideon's powers, but honestly its the only 1 anime I dare not watch. Not sure why, maybe its infamous fatality rates is too high for me, I'd watch the blood and death of V Gundam and Elfen Lied over it.

Well Ideon's powers are physical and follows physics up to certain levels. Haruhi's powers totally negates reality and for that she can do whatever she wants.
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