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Genryu Sasaki Kojiro is just an imagined rival to Miyamoto Musashi hence he is not really a Servant. A Servant must have historical precedent and legend accompanied his/her name.
That doesn't make Kojirou non-eligible to Servantship IIRC.

There is a whole legend surrounding Sasaki Kojirou and while some people believe he's never existed, some others are damn sure he has.

If you take it that way, then Heracles is non-eligible to being a Servant since there is only writings about him as a myth. Pretty much like Kojirou and many others actually.

The only Eirei's than CAN have existed according to some experts in assyriology and medieval history are: Gilgamesh & King Arthur (also known as Arturus, since he's believed to be a Roman at the beginning)
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