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Originally Posted by Question
Not only does it make it easier for him to Trace swords after Imaging them (hint they're the same cough), but the vast amounts of swords present within UBW itself makes it easier for Archer to pick up and use them on the get go.

Unlike Gate of Babylon, Archer, after having Traced a weapon, instantly becomes proficient with it because he also traces the memories that the weapon's owner had, making him an instant master. Which is why it's more beneficial to him to wield the weapons he creates in combat rather than chuck them as Gil does with his GoB.

Berserker can't be killed twice by the same attack, by the way. And reproducing A++ Noble Phantasms will make them go down one grade, to B++ - and it would be exhausting mana wise, since Rin is far from Archer to provide mana support.

Here's how Archer kicked Berserker's ass in the game. Unlike the anime, the game only presented what happened after Archer held back Berserker.

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