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Originally Posted by ChrissieXD View Post
Oh, wow. That was a completely random coincidence, then. Most of that stuff I knew after 9 weeks of Clannad, except for the Kotomi and Tomoyo thingy. But these chapters I wrote on October 2nd with Clannad's release on the 4th, so it's not like I copied it.

Just a question on the brass knocker. I know in America we have a lot of situations where we have electric doorbells and a brass knocker as a decoration. Everybody uses the doorbell, of course. I was trying something like this, and showing one of her weird quirks in always using this decorative knocker instead of convention.
Are they popular as a decoration, or should I cut it?
Cut, unless we get another opinion on the matter.

One thing is for sure: I've never seen a knocker on the front door to the house in Japan.
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