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Zero takes place in the 90s and Stay Night in the early 2000s, right? Do we have exact years for each? Trying to figure it out for fanfic/roleplay purposes and info on what year each takes place in would be extremely helpful.
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We don't have set dates, I believe. We just know that FSN takes place in the early 2000's and Zero is exactly 10 years before that.
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As far as I remember 1994 (4th war) and 2004 (5th war). But I don't think that was ever officially stated in the works, but Fate/Stay Night was released in 2004 that's why it's considered to occur this year I believe. 1994 also falls into the Clinton Era, but I guess without official confirmation you could always make it +/- a few years.
Maybe someone else stumpled upon exact information on this?
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I don't suppose someone could provide information where to find that?
Of course we can XD. But I'm afraid the mods might delete the information since its an entire time line from the whole typemoon universe it holds information from all the games (ALL OF THEM) so what I can do is to answer the question with only the fate relevant information at the game thread since its not possible to do it here.

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