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I can't remember from the novels either, but, at least in the anime universe, episode 2 provides a pretty clear answer to what year the 4th war takes place: 1995. When Waver is knocked down while holding the atlas you have a clear view of its cover and the year date on it.

Spoiler for screenshot:
Its impossible to be in 1995 since heaven's feel 5 happened 10 years later in 2004 and hollow ataraxia just a few months later (October / 2004).

Without looking for extra information we can even tell without mistake even the month when it happened Heaven's feel 4 since we know exactly the month and year of the heavens feel 5 thanks to the FSN and hollow ataraxia games and it was in february of 2004.

Heavens feel 4 = February 1994.

Funny fact - what we saw in the anime on the TV with the B-2 spirit bombers is actually the classic image you saw of them in action everywhere and comes from the 1994 live fire exercise near Point Mugu, California.


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