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Scene 5, "Turbulent Glance"

◆September 10th 5:00 P.M. Episode/Route B――――

And at that time――a person is seen at the end of his field of vision.
He sees an unfamiliar girl standing over there, holding a stuffed animal.

Mixed in with the now scattering onlookers, she stares far off in Natsuhiko's direction.
(She's staring at the crash site... no, is she staring at me?)
She seems to be the same as Natsuhiko and Mashiro, as she's wearing a Rokumei Academy high school uniform, but――
(Who is she...? Have I seen that blonde-haired girl in school before...?)

Her eyes look like they could see through anything.
Even so, her facial expression shows no signs of being interested in anything...
Shivers run up Natsuhiko's spine.
"Mashiro, let's go..."
"Huh? Huh?"
He grabs Mashiro's arm and leavess that place.
An unidentifiable sense of fear spurs on Natsuhiko.
"Hey, what happened?"
"... Nothing."
He turns around only once, but at that time, the girl has already disappeared...
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