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@ Eratas: Don't let him be alone in a room with Laura, or they'll do it like rabbits. Then again, that may be what Tabane wants...

Anyway, go ahead. But then again, Kyuukai has a small set of 8 small epipens on him to counter things like this. Depending on the strength of the aphrodisiac, then Kyuukai should need a dose an hour. But then again, he could go through a few of them, and they could conveniently go missing...
Somebody took them Ichika's in the most danger since he has 5 yandere's after him instead of the usual. Stupidly enough, Tatenashi's attitude didn't change even after she got hit

Dragging around Kyuukai will be a pain in the ass for them since the aphrodisiac is extremely strong. Irish is tempted just to ditch them and run but he stays behind.

Tabane most likely did it to set up the three of them but didn't think the last two would be immune. She has the antidote
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