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Well, the latest episode gave us more hints on what Secrets are. They immediatly knew that the Scrub Coral was a fake and in retaliation it started attacking the Japanese who were dumbfounded by its sudden change in prorities. Since before they always went after Scrub Corals and usually ignored humans unless they got in the zone. This thing didn't even care about the zone stuff and went straight after them, guess it was severely ticked off over being tricked with a fake even if the Japanese thought it was the real deal.
I had a different impression of what happened to make the Secret attack the Japanese fleet. I thought Gazelle and crew planted full size Quartz on one of the ships in the harbor. Given the choice between Quartz powder or full size Quartz the Secret just chose the bigger bait. This is why Pied Piper administration was so sure the kids would not be bothered by the Secret while retrieving the Quartz powder.
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