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Originally Posted by MeisterBabylon View Post
I had enough of love triangles in mecha pilots for once. Sure it adds drama, but it doesn't happen that often. A team functions much better when there aren't as many emotional tangles to navigate through.

Besides, Fleur has eyes for the leader of the 3 Stooges. I give kudos to anime direction for not forgetting the guys in the background!
Yes very much this. I swear every mecha show has one of these these days and its come to be expected almost as a staple, but man it takes up so damn much focus in a lot of shows and is not at all the reason I watch mecha shows. Worse it leads shippers to expect it in the shows where iy clearly isnt much of a focus and fill up threads with non stop discussion so yeah, please tone down the shipper fodder in mecha a bit Japan.
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