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As someone who loves mecha and loves romance, I say there's not enough love triangles between mecha pilots. Going by mecha TV series from 2009 on (to keep this relatively recent), there's only Asura Cryin', Infinite Stratos, Gundam Age, and Aquarion Evol where those involved in a love triangle are mecha pilots, out of the dozen or so series.

Now if you go by whether a series has strictly a love triangle or not (don't have to be all mecha pilots), we have about half of them either having a straightforward romance or no romance at all...

o Viper's Creed
o Sore Kake Girl
o Rideback
x Asura Cryin
x Basquash
o Heroman
x Star Driver
o SRW OG: The Inspector
x Infinite Stratos
x Gundam Age
x Guilty Crown
o Rinne
x Aquarion Evol
o Eureka 7 AO (yes, I'm betting on this series having no love triangles at all, going by the original E7)

And that's not counting the many movies/OVAs, of which don't usually sport love triangles most of the time simply because they don't have the time to develop them.

If anything, mecha series usually is pretty straightforward with romance unless the source is harem to begin with, or its Kawamori making it (who basically wrote the book on love triangle mecha anime).

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