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that Madara said just by belief and not by any kind of planning, just look at his state he can't even go out like that on his own, and for him to plant genjutsu in rin not very convincing,
What Madara tells to people are lies. He said to Obito that he fell into his cave or something like that. But that's a lie, in this chapter we see that Obito was in Madara's secret base that we see in the beginning of the war too, that doesn't look like a place near the bridge. Madara was also the one who implanted his eyes into an Uzumaki, not a random child but specifically into an Uzumaki, so it seems he had plans with young boys just like Orochimaru
What if he had planned Nagato's early life and had a plan for Obito too, the old guy needed followers who have lost their beliefs due to some tragedies in their life so he can easily manipulate them by showing them a different goal in life. To manipulate children Zetsu is perfect, he is weak compared to kage or jounin but his skills of spying and at becoming fake people are ideal to trick children who are much more naive than adults. Obito always impersonating Madara - even when it makes no sense - seems to be some mental problem, but as we see he also becomes a master manipulator of people, as if he knew that Madara was manipulating him and Nagato too, so when he impersonates Madara he also manipulates people. But this is just one theory, it might be that extremely unlikely things just randomly happened

Originally Posted by mystogan View Post
and Obito mentioned about rin and kakashi to zetsu that's why he went looking for them(may be he din't have anything better to do) and also they were getting little friendly with obito
That could be the case because it seems Zetsu as an android wants to learn about humans. But we know that Zetsu is also a good liar, when Tobi joins akatsuki Zetsu even has a debate with himself if they can let Tobi join akatsuki, but he knows exactly who Tobi is. So maybe Zetsu was playing the dumb guy so that Obtio would begin to trust him.
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