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This is the wrong thread but I couldn't resist after seeing the last image in old iron's post

Ugh why did I decide to become a knight. This sword weighs a ton. Signum groaned weighed down by her recently acquired armed device.
"Wow that's a big sword you got there siggy," a male voice called out. "You have a lot more magical power than I thought." the slightly older male said patting her on the head.
"Yes," Signum stammered staring at the ground as her crush Beowulf.
"Once you get the hang of your device let's have a match. There aren't to many sword users around now a days." Beowulf said before heading to the training fields.
"Ok," Signum stammered.
"It's a date then" Beowulf called out as Signum watched his retreating form.

hehehehehe a date with Beowulf..... I guess studying to be a knight was worth it after all .......Physically and emotionally spent Signum fell to the ground her sword still cradled in her arms.
"Signum are you alright," Shamal called out to her day dreaming friend.
"Beowulf," Signum sighed.
Oh great she has that idiot on her brain again..... "Signum you're going to be late for class," Shamal said shaking her friend.
"Date with Beowulf," Signum sighed again imagining the glorious battle they would have and the romantic dinner afterward.
"Here let me try," Zafira said shifting into his wolf form as he approached the pair. Standing in front of the sitting girl he proceeded to give her face a long slobber filled lick, her once perfect coiffed hair now a disheveled wet mess.

Signum's eyes shot open as disgusting wolf slobber slowly flowed down her cheek. "Zafira...." Signum growled as a red aura slowly formed around her. "Run," Signum said as flames enveloped her blade.
Shamal shook her head in amusement as Signum tried to turn Zafira into roasted wolf.
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