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And thus I keep asking almost every other topic: What is it you want him to do then? Most of the time all I hear is "do something" or "look for a way". But what reason have you to believe that there even is a way, other than the fact that you know how this will end?
If one looks at the entirety of attractor fields from a data analysis perspective, specifically examining the probability chains for any given set of events, if a specific chain or single event has a static probability (outcome is absolute vs e.g. fixed probability like flipping a normal coin i.e. 50/50) then that probability relationship would be constant for any N number of events within a specific parameter of time (e.g., Mayuri's death occurring on the same day and time) compared to normal equivalent event probability (e.g. chance of healthy 17 year old dying on a normal train ride). A worldline shift itself is a change in probability chains (otherwise Mayuri event chain would still exist), the key thing is knowing how the chains are formed to (eventually) change outcomes. Having a divergence meter helps in comparing these probability changes among worldlines, but in Okabe's case he particularly needs a Maho to help him not only calculate these changes but also to consider parameters he didn't think about.
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