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It could just be one element. It doesn't matter having all of them if you can't master them, he just needs to master one and can do a lot of damage with it. ( I haven't seen anyone use wind elements in the series, except for Temari of course)
The First and Second could use/ used just 1 or 2 elements. If Naruto masters everything about wind, he can use just that.
On the other can maybe he can master all the elements. I mean it would certainly make him Hokage, no doubt. With his clones, he really can learn all the elements.
what is your source on teh first / second hokage using just 1 or 2 elements... the first combines earth and water to form wood so thats 2 at least who knows what else he knows... if naruto wants to become hokage he is going to have to have at least 2 elements... as it is a requirement for all jonin to have mastery of 2 elements which makes me wonder what two neji knows i wish we could see more of him fight since he has already obtained jonin level.
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