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Originally Posted by Isekaijin View Post
You know, there is something that had been bugging me since a while.

In the Golden Land, Ange actually used magic, even though Beato's red statement specifically prohibited magic besides her own. So, I ask. What are the odds of Beatrice actually being Ange? I remember she said something about the incidewnt being her fault, or something like that.

For that matters. How much of the red text is actually relevant?

The red truth can be used for anything, right? From saying simple things such as your own name to deny theories in blue. Just to troll, since Battler has shown that he can use the red truth why he didn't try to deny witches in red?

Unlikely but I reckon it would have been funny.
Originally Posted by Jan-Poo View Post
Ange used "real" magic. Whatever this mean, you can assume that the "magic" Ange used is not the kind of "magic" that Beatrice denied in red.
You guys aren't looking at it deep enough. Beatrice herself paralyzed the use of her own magic by claiming she could not revive Sakutarou. "Her" magic might simply refer to her own crippled Endless magic, because she made MARIA deny Sakutarou.
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