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Originally Posted by Isekaijin View Post
You know, there is something that had been bugging me since a while.

In the Golden Land, Ange actually used magic, even though Beato's red statement specifically prohibited magic besides her own. So, I ask. What are the odds of Beatrice actually being Ange? I remember she said something about the incidewnt being her fault, or something like that.
IMO, Beatrice's magic for Maria was that Maria could find her happiness, mother's love, friends in Golden Land (after Maria died. Iillusion, white lie). But she knew that Sakutarou could not be resurrected even in Golden Land since Beatrice and Maria believed that Rosa tore Sakutarou into pieces and that's the end.

Ange brought Sakutarou back to Golden Land because she saw Sakutarou in captain's cabin. The fact that Rosa did resurrect Sakutarou was made known to 1998 Ange. Beatrice's magic could not do so because she did not believe Rosa remade Sakutarou, while Ange could do so because she sincerely believed so and was the truth indeed.

This was regarded as true magic since it achieved what was deemed impossible by Beatrice. "Magic" indeed, since it was a miracle from the Beatrice's point of view. Being miraculous is what defines magic, right?

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