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Originally Posted by Isekaijin View Post
Just to troll, since Battler has shown that he can use the red truth why he didn't try to deny witches in red?
And what if the attempt failed? If he'd tried to deny the existence of witches in red but couldn't, he'd have ended up confirming their existence. You seem so sure the Anti-Fantasy side will win in the end. That's probably the way it will go, but for the sake of playing Devil's Advocate for a moment...

I wouldn't be too surprised if, in the end, Battler is able to tear apart the second, third, fourth, however many there will be games, only to get stuck back at the first. Natsuhi's death may have been brought about with an opponent's gun leveled at her, but there were no unidentified corpses or body-double tricks and all of the survivors had alibis (all stated in red). Unless someone has a way around that...
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