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Despite increasingly diminishing evidence to the contrary, I'd really REALLY like for Ayumi to be the only girl in Keima's goddess list to NOT have a goddess in her. Chalk it to having some attachment for the first girl in the series (despite me pulling hard for Tenri), but having Ayumi fall in love naturally with Keima would throw the goddess off-balance somewhat.
This story is probably not going to head this way but if you look at the story, quite a lot of Ayumi's events could be considered natural. One of the more unique ones is when she saw how much Keima cared for Elsie when Elsie was depressed. Though in a way too, if Chihiro doesn't have one either, the way Keima is forcing events with her is causing rather unique consequences. I don't know, out of all the classmates Keima has, Ayumi & Chihiro seem to be unique in their own special way (excluding Elsie who is already special).
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