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Originally Posted by Dissix View Post
Anyone know the name of the song they played during the credits at the end of the show?
It was Genesis of Aquarion. Not to be confused with Sousei no Aquarion (which translates to Genesis of Aquarion), the actual 1st series OP. One title being in Japanese and the other being in English is intended to tell you the difference, since Sousei is fully Japanese and Genesis has English lyrics in it.

As for the episode, I went into this series rooting for AmataxMikono, so I'm damn satisfied enough seeing it happen with no Okada True Tears trolling or Kawamori bittersweet split-ups for the heck of it. It was enough to let me watch the series go with enough of a smile.

Despite all the flaws this series had in the latter part of it, I wouldn't mind seeing a movie/OVA alternate retelling/alternate universe somewhere down the line.
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