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No bittersweet ending? What is this witchcraft? Who kidnapped Kawamori and replaced him with a clone?

Seriously speaking though, I think the direction towards a happy end is because of Okada. Hopefully their other collaboration will be as happy as this one.

Overall though, it wasn't too bad. While I still don't like Mikono as a heroine (seriously, what did she do for the entire series?), and I'm still WTF with Apollonius setting up his girlfriend with his dog in the original Aquarion, this season of Aquarion as a whole was still enjoyable. It had it's fun moments, sad scenes, and of course, over-the-top super robot action; was an enjoyable ride while it lasted.

Certainly not gonna be anywhere in the top of my list, but at least I didn't feel like I wasted my time like with the original Aquarion.

As for Zessica, I dunno, but the moment she gave Kagura a piece of his own medicine ("kuso otoko" indeed), something CLICKED in me. She might be depressed in the end with the group photos and all, but who's to say that her feeling won't change in the future.

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