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Can someone post some summaries for each volumes (vol 6 and on)? Just the important parts.

Ichiko meets other binbougamis and a witch who was a former fortune god. At first, they underminded her. But then her friends came to rescue her and she restored back her confidence. Keita became aware of "gods" and fought back really awesomely. It was only thank to Momoji he became at the level of "gods". Her former childhood friend became a binbougami which was a shock. I bad for her because she reconciliated at the end, only to be killed by her boss whose a much stronger god (really strong). Ichiko and Momoji really take benefit of each others' abilities. When Momoji found out Ichiko's dad had the same keystone necklace, it makes me wonder that if one of her family member is a former god. There is a high chance she will become a god. There alot about Ichiko's past, but not Momoji's. There could be a bad guy connected to her and is the reason she became a binbougami. This bad guy would be must stronger than the recent bad guy.
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