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Oddly enough, another one that surprised me. Saw an episode released a few weeks ago and scoped it out history wise. Checking its background I noticed that it was years between releases. This seemed to mean that SOMEONE there liked it enough to revive it so I thought "Hey, these Pocky are stale." I'm not sure why I thought that since it had nothing to do with the series. Still, it seemed like a lark to check out the first couple episodes so I could be snobbish about having seen some more "old school" anime.

After seeing the first couple episodes, I noticed this horrible flaw in the show: I liked all the main characters. They all seemed like legitimate people you would know (or at least would want to know). They were smart without being pompus, funny without being stupid, and even when teasing each other seemed more friendly than mean.

The true test for it came when I was asked "whats new this weekend" by friends. After sitting and watching the first episode, it was unanimous that we watch the rest. How well did they like it? Well enough that I was serious trouble when I couldn't magically produce more episodes. (And this is a group that varies between 14 and 52, male and female.)

And now you tell me that there are actually DVDs released? You..... (hmmm, I did get my refund this week......)

Anyway, yes, it does look like Touch and has a stong feel of the same but definatly stands on its own instead of seeming to be some sort of clone or offshoot. Another great show that seems to get overlooked for flashier mecha-love-magical-fan shows (not that I have anything against them since they make up a large chunk of the clubs drive space). That's something rather sad.

Man this is disjointed. I need to switch to decaf at work. Anyway, looking forward to the next ones. (And I'm sure once some more episodes start coming in it's popularity will rise as people "discover" this.)
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