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Seen episode 03, and I saw similarly as Sorrow-K. Also thought it was more amusing than last episode, because it was significantly more overboard (to the point of satirical) than last episode. The scene with the Hanai's "Miko-chan!!!", the Tenma's "NOOOOOOO!!!" (along with the convienient onset of that dramatic music playing), and Hanai's "Harima!!!" had me grinning. And the fact that the whole thing was an action movie rendition further supports the sardonic and over-the-top feel of the 2nd half of the battle. I liked that final scene with the autumn leaves falling where Tenma and Karasuma-kun communicated earnestly with each other. There is something admirable and pure about that atmosphere, complimented by the music, and avoided cheesiness. I think it's these frank and honest scenes that balance SR, counterpart to its comedic aspect: little bits of understandings in SR's general mess of confusion.
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