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School Rumble just gets better and better. The whole survival game was just so great... I just hope there won't be a let down... It would be so awesome if they can be on par or even top this in the future.

What I notice in the end here is that Tenma and Karasuma are both developing their relationship. Karasuma actually showed interest and feelings towards Tenma, instead of just curry. That leads Harima out of the picture.

I am pretty sure (well, hoping at least) once Harima realizes this and acknowledges the fact that Temna and Karasuma have feelings for each other, he will move on. I hope he starts realizing how great Yakumo truly is, and starts showing some true interest in her. It doesn't look like she minds either, from her responses to Tenma lecture in episode 1. Eri is my second favorite character in SR, so a love triangle with those 3 would be great.

As for Hanai and "Miko-chan!!!!" it looks like there is definitely some progression there. He doesn't look like he was devastated that people thought he liked Mikota instead of Yakumo (unlike how Harima was devastated when Tenma thought he liked Yakumo). I hope Hanai the best with Mikoto and stay away from Yakumo. She doesn't like him. He should get a clue.

This is definitely one of the greatest love comedies around.
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