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Originally Posted by Tzurial
Can I put my college kid without a family rant here? Oh well, atleast it's not as depressing as eating a bag of chips for thanksgiving dinner. And who knows!! Maybe I'll make tonight special and order out a pizza! Who needs eggs and ham to have a good easter anyway!? Not me thats for sure!! ;_;

Heck yeah! I'm in the same boat Tzurial. I was thinking about going to go to a $6.25 all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet tonight. I'm spending today grading a stack of over 100 papers, doing homework, writing an essay, e-mailing professors at my future grad school, and applying for some internship jobs. I've got a to do list with 12 items, each which will take me at least one hour to complete. Looks like I'm not sleeping tonight...
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