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Originally Posted by boneyjellyfish
Yes, Happy Easter indeed! Let's all worship the pagan god of fertility Fria and scavenge around for the symbols of fertility, the rabbit and egg. While we're at it, let us also pray for a good mating ritual tonight.
thats so true, here we just pray, pray and then PRAY more, that egg thing is just creepy for me, anyway happy eastern!

a little informative list of what we do here in Colombia

This whole week is the hollyweek "semana santa", that means vacations for everyone!! in shchools is usually the whole week, but oficcially only from thursday to sunday is a rest day.

The sunday ( not this but seven days ago) is the "domingo de ramos" everyone buys a hand made bouquet of palm leaves, actually there is a campain to stop the use of this palm tree (is a very special one, i forgot the name) because is a species in danger.

I don't know very much about what all catholics do, here in thursday catholics usually do the visit of the monuments, you go to seven different churches and pray, if you live in a small town with only one church (like my dad when he was a kid) you enter the church and exit it seven times!

there is a mass sevice at midnight, but im not sure if is on thursday or friday.

The friday almost everyone close their business, especially at three o'clock, which is the time when supposdly jesus died, at that point, no church play their bells, everyone use a "matraca" wich is like a device to make an annoying sound, very aprecciated around here, (i hate it though).

The other days you just pray a lot if you are a true catholic or just spend the free time playing games (like me and my brother )
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