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Originally Posted by Arwyn
I would kill to get my hands on some of the titles kj1980 posts in translation;
Tsukihime, PLUS+/-DISC, Kagetsu Touya
Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien
To Heart
D.C.~Da Capo~

I loved the anime, would really like to see those titles in english.
You can find most of these games rather easily (Of course, they are in Japanese) with the exception of "Tsukihime."

As I said before, "Tsukihime" was a doujin game made by a TYPE-MOON when they were still in the doujin market. Since their funds are limited, the amount of presses they made are fairly limited. Hence, it is very hard to find the actual original copies of the "Tsukihime" games. The last time I checked:

1. "Tsukihime Hantsuki-ban" (Tsukihime Beta-version) - only 300 copies made, sold at Summer Comike 2000 for 1000 yen each, only play Arc and Ciel's scenario. Now the buyback rate at Mandarake is at 60,000 yen - which means the selling rate must mean higher than that.

2. "Tsukihime" - first press (the label-side is blue) and second press (the label-side is purple) - Mandarake buyback rate at 10,000 - 20,000 yen depending on condition. Sold at Winter Comike 2000 at 1500 yen.

3. "Tsukihime PLUS-DISC" - first press (on labeled CD-R) and second press (bulk pressed) - same rate as above. Originally sold at 2001 Sunshine Recreation for 300 yen.

4. "Kagetsu Touya" - same rate as above. Sold at Summer Comike 2001 for 1500 yen.

5. "Tsukibako" (boxset that includes "Tsukihime," "Tsukihime PLUS+DISC," "Kagetsu Touya") Most rates on Yahoo! Auction go well over 30,000 yen. Originally sold at various doujin shops for 2500 yen.
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