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Heh~ German girls all wear eyepatches, huh? That's pretty good to know.
.................As if. ( -_-)

Anyways, I'm just glad there wasn't some attempt at a story this time, so there was nothing horrifying. The development for some scenes were so incredibly sudden, like Rin's cramp while swimming, it was stupid, but it wasn't as bad as last time and not an attempt at seriousness, so let's just say it is okay.
Though the art quality suddenly took a nosedive after the half-way point. Dang... What the heck happened at 14:11?

As always, an incredible amount of favoring by the staff for Charlotte, but it's already old now. I'm just glad that two of the heroines actually got screentime for once. FINALLY...
Houki... Well, I'm sure she will get time next time.

The girl that seemed so important in the OP finally appeared... But it was just Yukarin Bunny-Mode. Bleh...
Speaking of the OP, Charlotte's swimsuit changed, huh? Because she is now a "girl"?

PS: You freakin' deer! Stick to appearing at the beginning of the episode...

Originally Posted by DasDingus View Post
Laura's behavior in this episode confused me to no end. As recently as 2/3 of the way through ep8 she hated Ichika's guts, now she's madly in love with him.
It's her twin sister. You see, while she was knocked out in the previous episode, aliens from outer space kidnapped her and replaced her with a fake. With the fake as a key, they plan to invade earth.
Doesn't that sound more convincing then her sudden change in behavior?

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