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Out of new shows, I only expect positive things from the following:

K. I expect it to be generic, full of anime cliches, and lots of /facepalm moments. But, I also expect it to be beautiful, filled with voice actors I venerate. At the very least, I expect this to be something I can vapidly enjoy every week, and if the content within surprises me in some way, I may even be able to enjoy this without a vapid smile.

Psycho Pass. Urobachi Gen. Anymore really need to be said? Sure, Production I.G. is behind it, and what was once a studio I held up on a pedestal above all others has had an incredibly poor history of shows in recent years (I'm not sure if I can ever forgive them for Guilty Crown), but...Urobachi Gen.

The show I would have high hopes for if I wasn't a burn out cynic that thinks the Bones of old is buried, burned, and gone:

Zetsuen No Tempest. Even more so than Production I.G, Bones has taken my fanboy heart and stomped on it like a hysterical five year old over the past few years. Despite it all, there's still that little voice within that makes me want to have hope for this new Bones show. I begin to understand why some women keep going back to abusive boyfriends.

Out of the shows that are returning, I expect good things from:

Jormungand. Violence and humor is always a good thing.

I'll almost certainly watch the first episode of 90% of the shows that are airing, and there's is almost a certainty that a few of shows I haven't mentioned will become weekly regulars on my view list. But, I have zero expectations for them (well, at least positive ones).
It feels like years since they've been updated, btw.
Also, cake.
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