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Yeah, she's cute, sans the rather disturbing comment about the pillow ^^; Also like the font and border style. 9.5/10

I think your source image is a little blurry, and I think border would make it better. :3 --- 8/10

I mostly use PNG for sig and avatar; but in Asuki's case, where 50KB is the limit, I find myself using GIF. My sig right now is in GIF, cos' PNG version was a huge 83383B x.x

I think you should reverse the light source effect. the shadows indicate the light source to be from the left (see the shadow of the hair in the middle of her face). She also doesn't quite blend with the background. 7.5/10

Nice hue, matches the expressions well. The yellow fire-like effect is also a great touch. Finally, border is really nice. 9.5/10

the only rant I'm having is the JPG compression is showing some particles all over the image. Also, your name is almost 'miss-able'. o.o 8/10

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