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Originally Posted by mike211 View Post
Just how powerful is Akatsuki anyway?
I heard Akatsuki have lost some battle but he choose to lose those battle, is that true?
Another thing is that when they travel to another dimension theirs power increase doe that mean they gain new power?
Uh.. at the moment I know hes strong, but he isn't the strongest in the series. I know for certain his dad is stronger than him, but i'm not sure if he caught up to his older brother yet. Actually his father maybe a living breathing cheat-key.

Yes and no. What happens when they go to a different world is their brain gets altered. Its a good and a bad thing. When their brain gets altered they can get stronger skills, but at the same time its also possible for them to die.

Originally Posted by sunsown View Post
And does he hold a grudge against his father for not stopping them?
I think this question was answered a long time ago. And yes your correct. Hes mad at his father for not stopping them because if he had stopped them his sister would still be alive. If akatsuki fought with his brother he would of died if he sister didn't interfere. His brother is a leader of a terrorist organization while his father is the leader of babel. From that you can probably tell how strong they are.

Where his mom? Been wondering that for awhile.
Awww. Hagure ended. Risty you needed more screentime .
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