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The difference is that none of those people live here. Reality is that people here that voted Romney either want the Republican policies, or just don't want the Democratic policies and can't find a credible third party to vote for instead.

Not everyone believes in welfare. Not everyone has the interests of society as number one. Many of them are just trying to survive themselves and resent being taxed for somethat they believe does them no good. They do not, or will not use government programs if they can avoid it, because they don't believe in them, or they would rather follow the older ideology that everyone should take care of themselves and their family.

They don't want government in their lives at all, which to them is what the Democratic Party represents since the New Deal in the 1930s. The hard stance against taxes is mostly these people, which is another reason they are for the Republican Party.

And that's before we get to those that have even more slanted views of the parties via the propaganda that brings the "Socialism is Communism", and the "destruction of the Constitution", or the "degrading of morality and society" that comes from the mostly sane but more traditionally minded "Baby Boomers" and the remains of the "Greatest Generation". Especially those that didn't like FDR or Truman.
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