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Originally Posted by james0246 View Post
They are plenty of reasons to vote republican without needing to be stupid. Many forget, but a lot of voters are not voting for a specific candidate, but rather specific ideas that one candidate (or party) may partake in over another.
Ideas are nice, but facts have more substance to them.

A vast majority of the people who voted for Romney probably thought he was a tool, but they also probably thought that he or his party would do something to create a smaller and more efficient government,
Reagan talked a lot about smaller efficient goverment, but since then no republican president has shrinked in real terms the size of the USA goverment, they did quite the opposite.

or they believe a republican in the white house would be better if Iran does become nuclear,
Since before I was born we have lived under the menace or mutual nuclear anihilation, let them have their own balance of terror (of course I mean Israel and Iran), if they do push the button and create the first nuclear wasteland on earth it will be a lesson for the rest of mankind. In the end iran is not nazi germany nor the USSR, they are too far and too small to really be of any real relevance.

or they simply believed that Romney would be more likely to choose a more traditional Justice. They are plenty of reasons to vote republican that have nothing to do with personal opinions of the candidate.
I would say instead that there is plenty of propaganda if one chooses to drink that kool-aid, but I don't see any real facts to believe either candidate (or party) is good, just that one of them is the lesser evil.
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