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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
The rest of the world who don't precisely have the same kind of stake in it as the Americans. Romney was running for PotUS, not President of the World, though I can see how one could make the confusion.

While I don't put any more stock than you do in the wisdom of the 58 millions who voted for him, I wouldn't rely on the people all over the world who got polled either.
My point stands. To argue that American voters are wise by default is no more sensible than to claim the majority of the human race is dumb.

What is the reason for Obama's support by foreigners? The GOP's official excuse is that everyone else wants a weaker America. That allies like England, Australia, and Germany secretly want the Doom of the US and thus want Obama to win.

We have more at stake than Americans do. We foreigners have no voting rights. If America declares WW3 and wants to nuke the planet, the rest of us can do nothing but watch the mushroom cloud. We NEED a sane president because we can't do anything if the POTUS is insane.

Please don't say we have nothing at stake.

The difference is that none of those people live here. Reality is that people here that voted Romney either want the Republican policies, or just don't want the Democratic policies and can't find a credible third party to vote for instead.
Jewish Americans vote Obama. Israeli Americans vote Romney. Which of these two Jewish populations live in America?

And Romney lost because HE didn't offer a credible party to vote for. And most people don't even know what Republican policies were going to be under Romney. So if GOP voters vote Romney despite big government and fiscal irresponsibility, what does that say about their mental aptitude? "They cannot all be stupid" needs evidence backing it.
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