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As I say, I am not the one who proposed that voter intellect be used to justify GOP legitimacy.

If you want to say the GOP got millions of voters, that is true. But if you are going to say the GOP can't be wrong because the millions of voters can't be stupid, then you got another thing coming.

I did not want to go there. But I didn't throw the first stone.
Reading Ithekro's post again, I see no attempts at "justifying GOP legitimacy" through voter intellect, or "GOP can't be wrong" anywhere. He pointed out that a substantial number of people voted for GOP, and not all are for silly reasons. It's common sense really, and perhaps the "they can't all be stupid" rubbed you the wrong way, but that doesn't change the validity of his remarks.

As far as I can see, you took his post one way, and ran all the way to the extreme with it. Debating the specific policies is great and is what most of us are here in this thread for, sweeping generalization of half of the US population is not how you do it.
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