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Originally Posted by Langus View Post
I love the idea of this thread!

I'd like to pass on the link of a fic I'm currently beta-ing. I think it's pretty spectacular so if you're into Westerns I urge you to check it out. It's essentially Ichigo/Rukia with Renji thrown in the mix. If you do give it a read please leave the gal a review!

And while I'm at it, a little shameless self promotion...

First, an Ichigo/Orihime one-shot called "Shaken". It takes place during the big showdown with Aizen. A few of you may have read this one before if you perused the Orihime vs Rukia forum.
fic but it's a little saucy and much to graphic to post on this child friendly forum
I loved it! I would be lying if I didn't enjoy her dying...I did

I really liked it because it was done in a way that was left open to reader interpretation. IchiStalker or not. I actually think it's romantic either way. For him to kiss the lips of his *grits teeth* loved one or to grant the dying wish of the one he loved NOT AT ALL. It was beautiful! I look forward to reading more.

(Can someone give him cookie and say "for OD" because I can't) <--THANKS

Sorry Anata; I do have a reputation to protect

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