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I see Hilda slipping into an antagonist role soon. She's a demon and has always been trying to unbalance Oga and push him into cruelty and violence. That's her nature, and that's her goal. I think the author is beginning to place Aoi as a counterweight to her.
Wishful thinking, did you read the chapter, there are apparently forces out there who are able to kill Oga and Hilda, and you expect them to go against each other or something?

Aoi will probably find out the details next chapter and probably understand, even if it strange and out of this world. She might not agree with everything, including the baby beel thing, but I believe she will eventually get it together soon and get stronger to help Oga with the forces who will be after him.

The "potential threat" excuse has a really high reading on my bullshit meter. There's a reason why that alone doesn't suffice in the human world. Maybe she's a proper demon, but putting the measure of man against her, she comes up very very short.

I never really liked her viciousness towards Oga. Now I like her even less.
She says herself, are you one of behemoth men? I won't let you harm master. Maybe she did jump to conclusions, but she did see him as a potential threat, and he's still a mystery.

Like I said before, She was only at the school looking for a demon, and comes upon somebody shutting down a demon portal. And she has a one track mind, being a wet nurse to baby Beel. It has been painfully oblivious that her number 1 priority is Baby Beel.

And her viciousness towards Oga? What viciousness has she displayed upon him, may I ask? IIRC, the only time I saw her go off on Oga, was in the first few chapters and when Baby Beel went missing and he didn't care and was happy about it. Every thing seems peachy cream in that household seeing from the side stories, omakes, and the manga itself.

But meh, You just coming across like you really hate her, which is fine ofcourse.

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