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Originally Posted by Arbitres View Post
Aurelie's bits and boobs....? Oh... Oh my.

...Sorry. Just had to play a tad. You'll forgive me, won't you?

Welcome to fan Creation!

Hopefully you'll enjoy your stay here and continue your works!

And if I say so myself, those renders are awesome. *saves all* Oh, and have a cookie. From yours truly~
Another one? This wouldn't be coming up if I went with a quote like I wanted to. Actually, now that I think about it, that one does have a reference to boobs.

Originally Posted by PreSage View Post
Welcome to FC! (for some reason, I thought you already have a thread here, considering how good your sigs are. O_o - silly me. =_=)

I really like your Lara Croft sig. Very nice effects, fits really well.

Look forward to seeing more.

*welcome cookies served*
I thought I already had a thread here, but when I went looking for it all I got was 'Sorry - no matches.'. I assumed it had either been deleted (which seemed unlikely, but who knows), or I never made a thread and only thought I had.

Thank you for the comments/cookies everyone. ♥
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