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Originally Posted by karice67 View Post
Nope. I haven't ordered it yet [still waiting for OreImo 8 to be listed...] But various comments by reviewers indicate that the spoilers which dark platform posted are probably true.
Ok, now I'm confused. I admit I haven't been paying that much attention to the novel thread, but the impression I got was that the last novel ends the same way as the movie in terms of the fates of the characters. Sheryl in a coma, Alto lost in a galaxy somewhere, etc. If that's the case, what's so different? What significant changes are there besides the BL atmosphere of a few scenes?

On another note, if Kawamori is indeed hinting at all these positive outcomes in the end of the movie, why doesn't he just show them—or at least, show more hints? I guess he wants the viewers to wonder I suppose..? That, and making interviewers ask him more questions.
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