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Maybe Caro's crying maybe because it looks like Erio might have been beaten badly or has been captured as well, him being an experiment of Project F or maybe she's crying at the results of this battle.
I'm pretty sure that this time, the numbers got the best of TSAB and RF6 which means the defeat of RF6??
This could be a good change of pace since the aces always seemed to have the upper hand on everything...but after this episode, no one saw what was coming.
Plus look at the setting in the preview for the next episode, its raining.
I dont know if this is cliche in most animes that I've been watching but usually rainy setting=something very depressing is happening or just happened.
I wouldn't put too much on the Aces being really screwed. From a tactical standpoint maybe (( and it's not their fault to begin with )), but I'm not so sure of the power-standpoint.

Firstly, the preview implies Hayate/Signum/Carim's locked in and with communications going haywire along with the AMF... chances are she won't be in the battle. Which may mean Nanoha and Fate are still limited to only AA rank. Which means being at Zafira's level.

Granted, it may be possible for self-override like Vita or other ways of releasing, through RF6 HQ or something... unless Vita gets royally screwed next episode by OVER 9000 SSJ Zest...

I fear Nanoha and Fate going through the Kira-effect. Even if they get screwed over, there's 'perfectly legit-in-plot-reasons' to say that they didn't really. Which I hope won't come to pass, or at least not that blatantly. C'mon now! I need more "heavy-duty-dimension-threatening-tension' in the air for the Aces, not just the rookies. And the Fate-mother-dilemma in SS2 doesn't count one bit.
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