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I bought an Intuos 3 A5 Wide, for about 36 000 yen.(About 313 dollar). Before, I used an volito 2 , but drew the lines on paper, and colored them on PC with the tablet. Now with the bigger drawing Area its also possible for me to draw the lines on PC. The only manko is, that the rubber on the Pen doesn't work with photoshop , and its not possible to change one of the tablet hotkeys to the rubber, so you have to change it with the mouse, what is kinda annoying. Also the Redo-Hotkey just goes one step back in photoshop.
Ah, I see. So it's a 14x21cm tablet... pretty good Congrats.

And have you tried setting one of the hotkeys to the "E" ( not sure on your keyboard type, so... ) key? I have a G11, which has around 18 extra keys on the left side, which is just awesome to add all your hotkeys to a single place. But what you could do is to just transfer your hotkeys to the closest keys in your keyboard. ( Erm sorry if I'm a little confusing. It's morning and I didn't get a lot of sleep :P ). Here, piccie.

Just use whatever keys you want and it should be fine. And not sure if you know it, but to use the Redo more than once, just press Ctrl+Alt+Z instead of the usual Ctrl+Z.

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