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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
Ah thanks... .... and yeah, I'd suspect the intent of the human age was that it was average or simply rare for anyone to live past 75. Average lifespan for humanity was about 40 yrs until the 19th C. You either died as a young child... got injured and died by 40... or became the rare astonishing elder and lived a long life.

I'm assuming there's the Church-pagan transition plot (shades of the recent film adaptation of Beowulf... or a lot of the transitional stories in the Arthurian sagas) coupled with the relationship of wolf and merchant (professional, social, romantic?) coupled with her potential immortality and his short lifespan (ala Arwen and Aragorn).
AND, of course, the interesting economics of early trade, merchants, and agriculture.
You bring up a very interesting point with the LotR reference. It'll be fun to see how that plays out.

Anyhow, uploading raw to Veoh. This might take a while. I am a gigantic faggot for Horo. Updated and continually adding more stuff as you guys post it/I find it. Please continue.
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