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All right people. I'm going to ask some really really tough questions, so listen up.
All the ideas mentioned below are considered remotely scientifically possible, just a matter of when.

They all encompass the idea of humanity, or "what would happen if these were to happen?" After all, cyborgs were so '80s, they are in existence today. Did you know that if your grandfather (or anyone else for that matter), has at least 2 artificial, electronic implants, that's enough to warrant one as part-cyborg? So just a pacemaker and a hearing aid (in-ear, at least) is enough to qualify?

OK, that's so old already. What I want to discuss are the following.

1. Genetically enhanced human beings

With the advent of stem cell technology, this is possibly something that could happen in the future, provided that we have ultra-liberal governments all the way, that would be far far far more liberal than anything we have in the US today (maybe the Social Democrats in Germany would be closer to it.)

However, those of you who watched Gundam Seed, that "boyband-in-space" series (as I've taken a liking to calling it) would know that they have enhanced traits including faster learning, and stronger and faster bodies that are virtually immune to diseases.

Thus, creating another race altogether that is over and above cultural races like Chinese, Japanese, European, Jew, Hispanic, Indian, African-American... and the list goes on. And moreover, it'd take at least 3 generations before it'd die down, IF they all marry within the circle. Or else.

So, with that, at least one researcher in Korea has acknowledged the possibility of such a situation. What's your take on this? Will you welcome such people? Will you abhor them? Or will you just stay away?

2. Androids
Closer to reality.

From this stocky, cubey one,

to this familiar one,

Getting there,

and something far more realistic

to a caring one (albeit, probably programmed, though we do see some flexibility)

and finally, one with REAL emotions. (that she gets along the way.)

Six different androids, six different faces, and six different levels of development. All the way to level 4, they are kinda all real (yes, even the Star Trek one has been reproduced in Korea). We would then likely move to Stage 5 and finally, 6.

BUT WAIT. As undeniably cute Aigis is, what if they were to have so much emotions, they begun rioting? Would it cause an upheaval like Tiananmen?

And besides, what would happen if they displace organic humans like you and me, like I, Robot? (though that's robots, not androids)

Or, what if an android were to head a state? The UN? Could we suffer, or can we prosper with them? It's your call...

(I'll add more as I go along..)
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