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I don't know why people are expecting them to shove every character in, in addition to creating extra story modes for those characters it just makes balancing so much harder when the numbers expand. I'm sure they'll be multiple sequels to this anyway... kinda hard to sell a sequel without new characters.. I think SFII is the only game to be successful at doing that.. I think Hyper Fighting to Championship Edition had no extra characters.. or did it allow the Shadowloo bosses to be playable.. whatever, can't remember but the point stands.

The Airplane Africa stage from Street Fighter IV is a recent example, has Boxer in the airplane door but when someone is using him it turns into Claw. I think if you do Claw Vs Bocer on that stage it turns into Sagat?
Every character? Heavens no. A fighting game series should never start with a bunch of characters. This way, it's easier to balance at the start. 10-12 is optimal.

I'm just hoping we get 1 or 2 unlockables, like MARIA and Gaap, since it would seem weird to have a fighting game that goes up to Ep4, yet have neither of them.
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